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Bakersfield Newborn Child Photographer:

Top Four Reasons To Hire A  Professional

Babies are adorable, but they are only tiny and squashy for so long before they begin to adapt to their new life. With all the excitement that comes with having a baby, it is easy to forget about taking pictures of your newborn. Yes, you need to keep those precious memories alive. There are lots of newborn photographers, but only a true professional can capture those beautiful moments in the right setting, achieving breath-taking shots that you will cherish forever.

Consider some of the reasons why you should hire a professional Bakersfield newborn child photographer:


1) Time

It is often better to photograph a newborn within the first week of life. Since you only have a short time to take these pictures, you need a photographer who would be available when your baby is born. It is recommended that you book your session with the photographer two months before your delivery date, to avoid disappointments. A professional photographer would take note of the date and make necessary arrangements to deliver a high-quality product, creating an amazing experience for both you and your newborn.

2) Safety

Newborns are fragile, so you will want to be careful about whom you hand them over to. A professional Bakersfield newborn child photographer is knowledgeable in child safety. Newborn photographers should have experience in handling babies of all ages. A true professional treats newborns safely and respectfully, knowing exactly where to hold them, the right way to pose them, as well as when to pose. Feel free to inform your photographer about any pose you may have in mind, but make sure you confirm that the photographer has done it before and knows how to do it safely. The safety of your baby is far more important than any photo.

3) Training and Experience

Unlike amateurs, a well trained and experienced photographer gives attention to details and props. The photographer should also be conversant with the creative and technical aspects of camera settings, composition, lighting and positioning to capture a professional image. Newborn photography involves more than just taking shots. Besides ensuring that the baby is comfortably positioned the photographer also makes sure that the ambiance, temperature of the room are conducive, and that the blankets are smoothed out. With a professional photographer, you will not need to worry about purchasing your own Props.


4) Equipment and Studio

A professional Bakersfield newborn child photographer should have state-of-the-art equipment which makes the final output breath taking. While it is true that a standard point and shoot camera, can take pictures, expensive cameras catch the better light and have more megapixels, allowing more details to be captured. Keep in mind, that the quality of your pictures can be affected by the amount of light caught by the camera. Additionally, a professional photographer knows how to enhance images to create a lovely portrait. With the use of products like Photoshop and Lightroom, the photographer, ensures that the colors are perfect, the images are properly exposed and polished to a professional level.

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